Top five Android applications

Our Friday Five rundown of the top apps for your smartphone continues. Here's the Android app chart.

The top business apps for mobile devices.

Top free
Documents To Go Make Office productivity apps even more productive by viewing and editing documents on the move.

ES Task Manager An easy way of managing your phone's performance, freeing up memory and saving battery life.
Adao File Manager A handy way of moving files around and generally keeping things in order.
Super Security Standard Keep your device and its contents free from harm and protect sensitive data.
Exchange for Android Ensure your emails are always up to date and always with you with this useful app.
Top paid
Documents To Go (Full) £9.08 Like the free version, this app lets you view and edit office documents, but offers more features and functionality.
QuickOffice Pro (£6.05) A fully featured Microsoft Office suit in the palm of your hands.
Wyse PocketCloud Pro (£9.08) This app lets you access your computer's files and apps wherever you are.
Enhanced Email (£6.05) A fully featured but lightweight email client with support for multiple Exchange/POP/IMAP accounts.
TimeClock - Time Tracker (£2.42) Ever wondered where the day went? Keep on top of minutes spent on each task with this handy app.

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