Unobtrusive, fully featured and highly customisable, Executor covers all bases.

Boasting an impressive set of features, Executor is a program launcher that sets out to cover all bases. It gets off to a good start with a helpful set-up wizard that guides you through the process of configuring both the look and functionality of the launcher. Once loaded, Executor will begin scanning your computer’s Start menu and Control Panel tools, adding entries to its index as it goes. If you often launch anything not listed in the Start menu, you can easily add extra folders to the index scan. As well as launching programs by name, Executor lets you create custom keywords. These can be for specific applications as well as websites and system commands, and can be as complex as you like. The Wiki keyword is one of a selection that are already set up – ‘wiki microsoft’, for example, opens the Wikipedia page for Microsoft. Creating your own keywords is relatively simple and we managed to quickly set one up to run searches on the Web User site. A great time-saver is Executor’s ability to intelligently recognise contractions – typing ‘ffx’ brings up Firefox as the first suggested program, for example, while ‘xcl’ displays the shortcut to run Excel. Hotkeys for regularly used keywords can be assigned to further speed up the launch process. Our one criticism of Executor is that the Settings tab within the setup menu is far from welcoming. Its seven sub-tabs, each teeming with options, can be daunting for newcomers. However, it does mean the program has a good degree of flexibility – it just takes time to get to know the various options.