Zemana AntiLogger Review and Download

Zemana AntiLogger is our top-rated anti-keylogger software. The application is equipped with a set of well-developed security features that protect the user from internet threats. Features such as the world's first 128-bit SSL Logger protection and Anti-Webcam Logger propelled Zemana AntiLogger to its first place position. Third and second placed products may offer similar protective elements. However, the technology behind Zemana AntiLogger is robust, innovative, reliable and more comprehensive than its competition. See below, for a full introduction and discussion of these features.

Once confined to the corners of a dusty library or research facility, the Internet has made information available to the masses. Today, research can take place in the comfort of one's living room, or even the city park. Unfortunately, internet connectivity is home to a new type of wilderness. Only the historic Wild West rivals this ever-evolving feral country. Security-breaching viruses, adware, spyware and keyloggers can prey on internet-connected computers and their unsuspecting users. Cyber-crooks and hackers are the creators of these forms of electronic predation. Motivated by dollar signs and greed, these bandits seek to rob their victims of data and other sensitive information.

Zemana Ltd. is an international internet security company. The Company has offices located on four continents. Their premiere product is Zemana AntiLogger, a security anti-keylogger software developed to protect personal and financial information at the highest level. Because of Zemana AntiLogger, a semblance of order and security has made the internet a little safer for the average PC owner.

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Ease of Use:

Zemana AntiLogger has an intuitive setup process. The application installs with just a few clicks of the mouse and uninstalls just as easily. Once installed, the app displays a discreet icon on the system tray. Advanced users will appreciate the ability to control each module of the application via the User Interface (UI). The computer administrator is able to grant system-level access for various applications and websites as well as the segregation of suspicious items.

Zemana AntiLogger is not a replacement for antivirus and antispyware security software. Instead, Zemana AntiLogger works in conjunction with these types of software. Traditional antivirus and antispyware security products do not keep pace with the rapid rate that hackers develop new forms of malware in the wild.

Traditional security products rely on a signature database to identify and stop malware attacks. Days, or weeks, can pass before a user updates the signature database and performs a scan. Zemana AntiLogger fills the gap by adding an extra level of security. Zemana AntiLogger proactively protects and secures the computer until traditional products identify and remove the malicious software.

Zemana AntiLogger's powerful protection does not slow the computer or drain vital system resources and processes. Testing demonstrates that Zemana AntiLogger is compatible with common security products such as AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Ad-Aware, McAfee, Norton Antivirus and Norman Antivirus.


Users from across the internet declare Zemana AntiLogger to be state-of-the-art software that is light years ahead of other anti-keylogger software. User-administered testing demonstrates that the application is clearly steroid-driven and is as robust as the manufacturer claims.

Several users attempted to break through the application's defense system. In all tests, the application intercepted, identified and quarantined both known and unknown instances of keylogger software. Within seconds of install, Zemana AntiLogger found and quarantined a previously unknown Keylogger on the reviewer's home PC.

This reviewer further tested Zemana AntiLogger's defenses and matched it up against multiple keyloggers. The application successfully foiled the capture of any data from the home machine.

User error and lackadaisical decision-making are the only tools hackers have to defeat Zemana AntiLogger's defenses. In one occurrence, the anti-keylogger software identified what, on the surface, resembled a legitimate device driver as a "potential" system threat.

Some malware authors implement naming conventions that disguise the keylogger as a valid device driver. These naming conventions slyly substitute letters and numbers for letters in the actual driver's name. The naming convention sways the user into thinking a contaminant is a legitimate application and grants privileged system access to the keylogger. Once granted, the masquerading surveillance software is free to carry out the recording and transmission of the user's sensitive data.

Googling and researching the alerts Zemana AntiLogger gives is not a bad idea. Had the reviewer not Googled the alert, the allowing of system access seemed an obvious and logical decision. This rationale is something hackers bank on; however, it is the user's bank account that will be paid an unfortunate visit.

In the event that a bona fide application or process is blocked, users can easily re-grant access via the User Interface.


The security features of Zemana AntiLogger are impressive. This anti-keylogger software provides the world's first SSL Logger protection. This feature provides 128-bit encryption which dependably secures data during online transactions. Today's generation of spyware is capable of capturing your sensitive financial information a fraction of a second before encryption. Zemana AntiLogger prevents this capture and prevents the keylogger from recording any data at all.

Most users do not consider their webcam a personal security risk. Many would be surprised to learn that the cyber-criminal could be using it to stake out a home or business. In some instances, the cyber-criminal is not only interested in financial assets but also physical inventory. The undetected keylogger software identifies personal information like name, address and phone number. An unprotected webcam could put the user's belongings and personal safety at risk for burglary and other intrusions.

Simply turning the webcam off will not thwart a determined criminal. The cyber-crook, by issuing a remote command, can turn the webcam on or off at will. For them, surveillance is as simple as clicking a button. Unique to the Internet security industry, Zemana AntiLogger offers the world's first Webcam Logger Protection. Not only is sensitive personal information now safe, but so are the user's home and business assets. Zemana AntiLogger stands out because of this and other innovative anti-keylogger software features.

Internet Security:

Other areas of robust protection offered by Zemana AntiLogger include keylogger protection, Clipboard Logger protection, Screen Logger protection and System Defense. All of these features combine to secure the very heart of the PC and protects all of the user's personal and sensitive information. Cleary, Zemana AntiLogger is an advanced anti-keylogger software.


Each purchase of Zemana AntiLogger entitles the user to install the anti-keylogger software on one computer. Volume discounts are available for multiple licenses.

The manufacturer provides one year of free upgrades for the software. Major releases are included. Zemana AntiLogger comes with an unlimited 30-day money back guarantee. Order cancellation may occur for any reason.

Support is available on the Zemana AntiLogger website. The website has a FAQs section for both pre and post sales. Email support is available. Users posing email questions can expect to receive an answer within 24-48 business hours.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7

Note: Windows 64-bit is not supported at the present time.


Zemana AntiLogger is a state-of-the-art weapon against keylogger software. This anti-keylogger software is light-years ahead of the competition. Surprisingly, this robust protection comes to the user at a minimal cost.