DataGuard AntiKeylogger Ultimate Review and Download

DataGuard AntiKeylogger Ultimate (DataGuard) places second in our review of anti-keylogger apps. Zemana AntiLogger received a higher rating because of its innovative 128-bit SSL protection, Webcam protection and sound protection. DataGuard doesn't possess these capabilities. However, DataGuard did place higher than our third-placed anti-keylogger software GuardedID Premium. Our third-ranked application lacks the on-the-fly protection, easily configured user preferences, and overall defense for the system registry that DataGuard provides the PC and its user.

An in-depth discussion of DataGuard's features and functionality occurs below.

Cyber-crooks are delighted to know that with keylogger software they can easily poke gaping holes and bypass most antispyware and antivirus applications. Currently, keylogger crimeware represents the most dangerous threat that computer users face today. Keyloggers capture and record each stroke of a PC's keyboard. The victim's own internet connection transmits the sensitive data into the hands of the cyber-crook.

MAxSecurity Lab, a Chisinau Moldova-based company, developed DataGuard AntiKeylogger Ultimate as software that works in conjunction with traditional security. Though remotely located, the company is an active player in the development of security products and has strong customer satisfaction.

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Ease of Use:

DataGuard implements a proactive scanning program that protects the user from various types of keyloggers. The anti-keylogger software's robust features provide security against known, unknown, and future keylogger implementations.

At install, DataGuard assumes all decision-making options. Novice computer users may enjoy the easy installation; advanced users will dislike the program's presumed authority over their PC. No worries, the program is equipped with a well-executed User Interface (UI). Here, users will be able to configure options that include enabling or disabling protection and the types of protection desired.

Users who enjoy eye-candy will appreciate the ability to customize the look and feel of the UI through the implementation of alternate software skins. Over seventy-five alternative skins, designed to meet the tastes of even the most finicky users, are available on the company's website for download. Though fun, clearly, this is an unnecessary feature of a security software.


User reviews report that the program is proficient in scrambling and encrypting keystrokes. Further, user-based testing demonstrates that the software holds up against even the most powerful keylogger applications.

The manufacturer performed software compatibility tests between DataGuard and commonly used security software. Security software used in conjunction with DataGuard experienced no conflict or compatibility issues. However, some users of Microsoft Windows Vista report that DataGuard conflicts with Kaspersky Antivirus software and causes a system failure on re-boot. However, this problem doesn't occur with Windows XP or Windows 7.


Inside the UI, users can configure the protection settings of the software. Options include, enabling protection for keyboard hooks, clipboard monitoring, alternative data interception and system protection. The software allows for the creation of a customized overall system protection policy. Alternately, self-detection modules can run automatically.

Internet Security:

Advanced configuration options include the ability to set an administrative password that prevents machine users from accessing the UI in an attempt to change settings or to disable the protection DataGuard offers.


Each purchase of DataGuard AntiKeylogger entitles the user to license and install the software on one computer. Customers receive one year of product upgrades after the time of purchase.

The main method of support for the product is the DataGuard User's Manual. For more specific or complicated issues, customer support is available through email. The website provides FAQs that answer many commonly asked user questions.

Supported Operating Systems:
DataGuard AntiKeylogger Ultimate is compatible with the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows 2003
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • DataGuard s not compatible with Windows 9X/Me OS
  • DataGuard is not available for Mac OS
  • Currently, DataGuard supports only 32-bit operating systems.


DataGuard AntiKeylogger Ultimate is an effective and robust anti-keylogger software. Its advanced features are effective at providing the user with an additional level of security when anti-spyware and anti-virus software fails.