Comodo Antivirus 8

Comodo Antivirus 8
Comodo Antivirus is a powerful anti-malware program that keeps your PC safe from known and unknown (potential) threats. It offers real-time and on-demand protection, and gives you a choice of scans - Quick, Full, Rating (which checks the trustworthiness of files on your computer against a cloud database) and Custom.

As is the case with most recent software releases, Comodo Antivirus 8's interface has had a makeover and now features a flatter, more modern design. The Advanced Settings window has been redesigned, too, to make it easier to understand.

If you download a program that you’re not completely certain is safe (even though Comodo Antivirus says It’s clean), you can run it sandboxed. This prevents the application from interfering with your PC should it suddenly start displaying worrying behaviour. The latest version adds an auto-sandboxing option which can be configured in various ways and isolates risky programs by default. The interface also contains a useful target area that you can drop files or folders onto, so Comodo can check whether they're infected or not.

Another useful feature is Viruscope, which monitors running processes for malicious activity and lets you reverse any potentially undesirable actions. This tool is now enabled by default and covers more activities than in previous versions, including those from sandboxed applications. It works more efficiently, too.

Finally, Comodo Antivirus 8 now sends logged events to the Windows Event Logs folder on your PC, which might come in handy if you use these logs to troubleshoot problems.