EnerPlex Surfr Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Debuts

If you have Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and you need longer run time away from an outlet you might want to check out the new EnerPlex Surfr case for the Galaxy S4. This case has an internal 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery promising to add hours of runtime for your device away from an outlet. The case is also designed to protect your smartphone from drops, bumps, and scratches.

Other than having an internal battery, the case also has a small solar panel on the back that allows you to charge the internal battery using nothing but the sun. The company offers no indication of exactly how long it would take to charge that 2500 mAh battery using the solar panel alone. If you do happen to be near USB port or an outlet, the internal battery can be charged that way as well.

The case will ship across the country in mid-November. It will be available in multiple colors with all colors featuring a front shield to help protect the screen. Available color combinations include black with black cover, black with a gunmetal cover, white with green, white with blue, or white with pink. The screen cover does have a window allowing you to see the clock and notifications without having to open it. The case will sell for $89.99.