Sandisk launches cruzer orbit usb flash drive

SanDisk Corporation has introduced the Cruzer Orbit USB flash drive, a versatile and stylish USB flash drive designed with a 360-degree swivel. The drive offers consumers the storage they need to carry libraries of digital content with them wherever they go, transfer files quickly and do so with style.

Sandisk launches cruzer orbit usb flash drive

Combining swivel design with pocket-sized portability, the Cruzer Orbit USB flash drive offers an easy and convenient way to store, transfer, and share your data. This flash drive features a protective cover that rotates to shield the USB connector from damage when it's not in use.

Available in capacities up to 32GB, the Cruzer Orbit USB Flash Drive comes with SanDisk SecureAccess software, which allows you to create a password-protected folder for your sensitive files. You are able to share your favorite media and USB flash drive while protecting your private documents from unwanted access.

The Cruzer Orbit USB flash drive also offers online storage and backup. This convenient and secure cloud storage service allows remote access to your online data anytime, anywhere from any web browser.


Europe/ Asia-Pacific/ Latin America/ Middle East and Africa
4GB not available SDCZ58-004G-B35 – 4GB
SDCZ58-008G-A46 – 8GB SDCZ58-008G-B35 – 8GB
SDCZ58-016G-A46 – 16GB SDCZ58-016G-B35 – 16GB
SDCZ58-032G-A46 – 32GB SDCZ58-032G-B35 – 32GB


SDCZ58-004G-BQ35 – 4GB SDCZ58-004G-Z35 – 4GB
SDCZ58-008G-BQ35 – 8GB SDCZ58-008G-Z35 – 8GB
SDCZ58-016G-BQ35 – 16GB SDCZ58-016G-Z35 – 16GB
SDCZ58-032G-BQ35 – 32GB SDCZ58-032G-Z35 – 32GB

SDCZ58-004G-BQ35S – 4GB
SDCZ58-008G-BQ35S – 8GB
SDCZ58-016G-BQ35S – 16GB
SDCZ58-032G-BQ35S – 32GB