Data Rescue PC 3 - Data Recovery Software Review

Data Rescue PC really is refreshing. If you have lost files or if your hard drive is failing, you are likely already stressed and do not need to add to your frustration by attempting to recover your data with difficult-to-use software. Data Rescue PC is surprisingly easy to use and can even work with a locked-down PC that will not boot Windows. Using this recovery software, you simply put the installation disc in and it will do everything for you.

Data Rescue PC 3 - Data Recovery Software Review

This file recovery software can recover files from a large variety of devices. It can attempt to restore files from formatted drives, altered partitions, RAID arrays, USB- and Firewire-connected devices, camera cards and even older floppy diskettes. It can work with hard disks connected through a variety of interfaces including IDE, EIDE, SCSI, ATA and SATA. This software works with most technologies, which means you do not have to know the technology of your disk drive; you can just trust that it will work. Since it is not operating system dependant, Data Rescue PC can function with all versions of Windows, from DOS to Windows 7.

Recovery Features:

If your lost files have not been written over and are not contained on a physically damaged disk, Data Rescue PC can restore your files. We tested this software on PCs running Windows 7 and were able to fully recover our deleted test files. The software was able to display the files instantly using a preview option. It can recover all types of files including documents, images, audio, video and financial documents such as files saved with QuickBooks. Data Rescue PC can even recover data from raw sectors. To help you recover data from severe disk issues, the application has a disk cloner. You can use this tool to create an image of the damaged disk to pull files from, which is safer than pulling them directly from a damaged or unstable disk.

Search and Recovery Options:

Recovering mass volumes of lost files is tedious, which makes search and filter tools extremely helpful. Using Data Rescue PC, you can search by file types, file types with wildcards and by date. Quite often lost files do not retain the original file name, so search tools can immensely help your efforts to recover deleted files. This software also rates the status of files based on the probability that they can be recovered, from poor to excellent. Using this status score, you can ignore files that look like they cannot be recovered completely and focus on files that have a good chance of being recovered.

It probably won't matter to most users that Data Rescue PC3 doesn't have all the options available in data-recovery software from OnTrack, Active@, or Stellar Phoenix. For example, it doesn't have an option to make a "quick scan" instead of a standard, deep scan, and it doesn't try to recover data from optical disks. But it does include the drive-cloning feature found in all its rivals, so that you can try to copy data from a physically-failing drive to backup media and recover files from there.

Help & Support:

Data Rescue PC comes with volumes of helpful and easy-to-understand information presented in a comprehensive user guide. We found this guide tremendously helpful during our testing process. If you need to contact Prosoft Engineering with a technical or customer-support question, you can reach a representative by telephone or email. If you have a severe disk issue, the company provides professional data recovery services as well. They also post interesting information about data recovery in their blog and in their instructional articles. The company does not provide chat support, but you can follow them on YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


Data Rescue PC can save your data from receding into oblivion. This data recovery software can greatly relieve you from the stress involved with recovering critical lost files. The boot disk is invaluable if you need to rescue files from a PC that cannot boot Windows. Before contacting an expensive professional data recovery service, we highly suggest that you try this software first; it may save you hundreds of dollars.


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