What is a Chrome device?

What is a Chrome device?
Why buy a Chromebook or Chromebox?
Chrome devices are designed specifically to be accessed via the internet and come in 2 different formats. They do not have a conventional desktop or Operating System but use Flash, the internet video and animation program. Chrome devices feature Cloud* computing, making it easy to store and access your files anywhere

Why buy one?
Chrome devices offer sophisticated web access, rapid startup time, a long battery life, and built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to easily go online at home or in public hotspots. You can chat over the internet, edit photos and videos and create work documents , or even access software on your other Windows devices. Models including 3G use a SIM card to give you an internet connection anywhere, anytime. You can print remotely using the built-in Google Cloud Print function and a Cloud-connected printer. You can access the Chrome Web Store to download and install a wide range of apps, from document and photo editors to games. Use the free Google Docs service, an internet-based set of products that lets you create, edit and save documents, which you can instantly share with other people, directly from your Chrome device.

What types are there?
Chrome devices include Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. Chromebooks are a combination of Laptop and Cloud device. Available in 3G and Wi-Fi types, they feature a comfortable keyboard to control internet windows and use apps from the Chrome Web Store instead of traditional programs. The Chromebox is a standalone internet computer operated by externally-connected monitor, mouse and keyboard using its 6 USB ports. Its small size and Wi-Fi connectivity enable flexible placement and portability. Both can also operate in an offline mode so that when you resume your internet connection, the work you've done is automatically and instantly backed up to Cloud storage.

What operating system do they use?
All Chromebooks and Chromebox run off the Chrome OS, a web-based operating system made by Google. Click here to find out more about Chrome OS.

Considerations when buying a Chromebook or Chromebox.

1. Battery Life
With a long battery life of up to 8 hours, you can take your Chrome device out and about without worrying about running out of power.

2. Connectivity
Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi makes it easier to connect to wireless networks, whilst 3G-enabled Chromebooks allow you to connect on the go, even when there are no local wireless connections. Both can operate offline mode.

3. Fast boot up
Since the Chrome OS runs applications off the Cloud in the Chrome browser rather than the hard drive, your Chrome device starts up in 8 seconds and resumes instantly. It also does not slow down over time due to the lack of traditional software, so you can stream HD movies and other content without a problem.

4. Automatic updates
Your Chrome device automatically updates itself: all of your applications will stay up-to-date, and you'll get the latest version of the Chrome Operating System without having to lift a finger. Any work you've done offline will be automatically stored in the Cloud when you connect to the internet.

5. Storage
Chrome devices have a 16GB solid state drive*, so you can save and find files far quicker than with a hard drive. Storage is lower than Laptops or Desktops because Chrome devices use Cloud technology, so your files are stored safely and permanently online. You can access them securely from anywhere and expand your storage space as you need.

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