What are the Ultrabook & MacBook Air?

What are the Ultrabook & MacBook Air
Slimmer and lighter than conventional Laptops at less than an inch thick, Ultrabooks™ and MacBook Air Laptops are perfect for mobile business and media users with their compact screens, super-fast startup time and extended battery life of up to 9 hours. They have no optical (DVD/CD/Blu-Ray) drive, so can be built lighter and slimmer. Powered by Intel Core™ processors, they combine the best features of Laptops and Tablets in a convenient yet totally powerful computing device.

Why buy one?
Designed to be smaller and lighter than regular Laptops while maintaining very strong performance features, the Ultrabook™ and MacBook Air are perfect for those seeking an ultra-portable and ultra powerful device. Your Ultrabook™ or MacBook Air includes a solid state hard drive and smart Intel Core™ processor that offers fast startup, fast browsing and computing performance when and where you need it. With a compact design and dynamic performance, an Ultrabook™ or MacBook Air is the ultimate in portable computing, and feature webcams, excellent graphics and internet connection facilities. Ultrabooks™ and MacBook Air Laptops are not only practical but beautiful to look at, with their super slim build and stylish finish.

Which operating systems do they use?
All Ultrabooks™ currently run of the latest Windows Operating System, Windows 8. All MacBook Air Laptops currently run OS X Mountain Lion.

Considerations when buying an Ultrabook™ / MacBook Air

1. Processor
All Ultrabooks™ come with a Visibly Smart 2nd generation Intel processor, while MacBook Air Laptops use dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, offering speedy computing and the ability to run demanding applications comfortably.

2. Battery life
Since your Ultrabook™ or MacBook Air is equipped with an energy efficient screen and hard drive, you can expect a battery life of between 5 and 7 hours minimum.

3. Fast boot up
Both the Ultrabook™ and MacBook Air come ready to operate. With instant switch–on and fast boot up times of less than 10 seconds, they're ideal for those who don’t like waiting around.

4. Light & portable
At less than an inch thick, the lightweight Ultrabook™ and MacBook Air are perfectly portable for computing on the go – business or pleasure.

5. Touch or non-touch
Some Ultrabooks™ now feature a fluidly interactive touchscreen, whilst others have advanced, natural track pads that provide all the benefits of a touch interface on a non-touch screen device. The MacBook Air currently does not have a touchscreen, but combine s high-resolution screen with a mutli-touchtouchpad for smooth, easy computing.

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