TV Remote Applications for Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tab | Free Download

Surely it would be very easy if we have a multifunctional tool. As if we have a smartphone that could be TV Remote, this will soon be realized by Samsung. If you already have a type S Samsung TV output in 2010, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab  or Samsung Galaxy S will be ready to turn into your TV remote.

tv remote android TV Remote Applications for Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tab | Free Download

After 9 months ago released a TV Remote Applications to be installed at IOS (iPhone OS), there is now also a kind of application which can navigate channels on your TV using smarphone android. This time the Android OS is ready to bring the TV Remote Applications that can be installed on Samsung Galaxy S or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Just like the previous IOS applications, these applications also require you to prepare for a television device can be connected to Wi-Fi networks, in particular Samsung TV model type C output in 2010 that supports Internet @ TV, LED 6500 Series, 650 Series LCD and PDP 6500 Series or similar types with the latest version.

Features offered by TV Remote Applications is quite interesting, because in addition to watching TV with a touch screen controlled by a smartphone, you can also access the internet like Youtube or Facebook directly on TV. Remote TV application you can get for free and without cost. Unfortunately this application is limited only to those who have the Samsung Galaxy S (or Samsung Galaxy Tab) and Samsung TV models only.

You want to try out this application, please download Samsung Remote App below

Samsung Remote

Samsung Remote-Tab