What we liked:
Launched late last year, is one of the newest file-sharing tools, but has quickly become our favourite. Unlike rival services that clutter each page with ads, has a clean, streamlined interface that makes it very straightforward to use.

You don’t need to install any software or plug-ins, and can upload massive files right off the bat. Officially, there’s no size limit but your browser may restrict you to 2GB (and don’t forget your ISP’s ‘fair usage’ policy). doesn’t specify how much online storage you’re allowed, but reserves the right to set a limit, in its terms and conditions.

To use, simply click the ‘Select files’ button on the homepage, find what you want to share and click Open. Wait a few seconds and you’ll be a given a link to the uploaded file that you can post on Facebook and Twitter or send by email. Usefully, the recipient can view and play (if it’s an MP3) the file online, as well as save it to their hard disk. You can track how many times your files have been downloaded and use the search facility to find specific uploads.

Registering with increases the minimum time your files are stored for, from 30 days to three months. Premium options are planned soon, but it’s not yet clear what these will offer.

How it can be improved:
It’s a shame only lets you upload one item at a time, but the speed with which the service publishes files means it doesn’t take long to add a series of them. More support information would be good – what happens to your files if the service goes down?

Our verdict is a brilliant free service for sending people huge files with a minimum of fuss. It’s fast, easy and lets you share links to your files even before they’ve finished uploading.