WebPlus SE

Serif's WebPlus SE is easy to use and includes many unusual features for creating an impressive-looking website.

WebPlus SE from Serif is based on the company's PagePlus Desktop publishing program and has a good range of features for a web-page creator. As a free version of a commercial package, some of its features are disabled but it's still superior to its competitors. Six templates are provided - that's six multi-page sites - offering a great starting point for first-time users who are getting to know the software.

Among the many unusual features are text frames that flow text from one box to the other, automatic shrink-to-fit text, multiple layers of text and graphic objects, object alignment, artistic text, and easy insertion of media objects. You can draw lines and can even draw freehand on the page.

There's no HTML-editing mode and the focus is on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing, although you can still insert HTML into the page if you need to. If you want to focus on design and have no interest in HTML, WebPlus SE is a great freebie that lets you create impressive sites.