Norton Utilities Review and Download

Norton Utilities 14 is a well established utility program offered by Symantec software. Originally designed for DOS, it has gone through numerous revisions and updates over the years. At one point the utility program was a bestselling program for most computer users. The program stands out from other system repair programs as it offers a easy navigational interface along with simple menus for new users to obtain the most features without a high learning curve. The most current version offers a streamlined set of features, along with integrated Windows system tools to help optimize and repair a system.

The ease of use and fairly streamlined interface make Norton Utilities very usable by beginners. The disk tools are fast and powerful enough to deal with many disk problems. The program is also able to be integrated with other Norton products including Systemworks. In fact, buyers can purchase Norton Utilities and then add on other Norton programs such as Norton Antivirus to meet their needs.


Norton offers a medium range of features in its software application. It offers specific support for system optimization, some repair functions, and integration with other Norton products. The program excels at providing core functions. Running a disk scan or defragmenting a disk is fast and painless. While it may lack certain tools such as hardware or network analysis features, the program keeps the job simple with its excellent core functions.


Norton Utilities 14 offers an easy to use interface that anyone can use. The bright color scheme makes reading the text and icons easy even for those with limited vision. The menus are presented as a set of icons in the middle of each screen. Each icon represents an individual action or function.


Norton Utilities performed many of its functions very quickly, including its disk defragmentation program. The present version of Norton Utilities, as a standalone program, is fairly light in terms of system resources. Older versions of Norton Utilities were known for being system resource hogs and slowing down systems. This version of Norton Utilizes has been built with just core components and without extras that would bog down the system.


Updates are automatically downloaded from the Symantec website. Symantec offers excellent support through its support program. Symantec is well known for its Virus updates and lab testing. Updates can also be rolled back if a user finds the latest version to be unacceptable for any reason.

Help and Support:

Symantec offers excellent support from its website. Users can download updates either automatically or manually and have questions answered quickly via email. Symantec also offers both forums and technical assistance for users that are having difficulty with the program.


Norton Utilities 14 is a definite improvement over previous versions. Its lightweight footprint means that it will not drain away systems’ resources. Its core functions are easy to use, yet powerful enough to help keep a system running in good shape. Real time monitoring tools run with minimal resources and can provide warnings about possible security threats. Optimization tools can help eliminate bottlenecks such as clogged registries or fragmented hard drives.

Perhaps one drawback is the lack of additional features for dealing with network or hardware problems. Security features are also lacking but can be found in Norton’s Internet Security Suite software. Another drawback might be the price. Norton Utilities 14 retails for $49.95. Other system repair programs offer more features for less money.

The rock solid execution of core features found in Norton Utilities can assure anyone that the program is stable enough to deal with major system crises without numerous crashes. Long term users of Norton Utilities will feel right at home with the latest edition. Users that want an all-in-one solution can look at Norton Systemworks for more features. For those that just want basic disk and operating system management tools, Norton Utilities 14 offers more than enough features to satisfy most users.